Managed IT vs. Your Smart Nephew

A lot of folks have someone in their family they use as their go-to IT person. If your laptop is acting up, call Uncle Bob or your nephew — he’s a computer genius. In some cases this is a fine solution, but when it comes to your business you owe it to yourself to take an extra step.

First of all, there’s a difference between home computing and business IT needs. This is true from software to the types of things the computer is even doing, the devices it interacts with, and the technology it’s dependent on. How you resolve warranty claims or deal with technology vendors can also be a fairly different ball game.

There’s also a big difference between setting up a home computer to work on a home network versus advanced networking protocols for offices and corporations. There are similarities, and sometimes a person knows just enough to make it work short term, but not a good long term solution. That never becomes clear at an opportune moment, right?

Technology Needs Are A Time Commitment

One of the big advantages of managed IT solutions is that in the event that you need to contact services providers, such as Time Warner, your IT professional can handle that for you. “How do I explain what’s even wrong? How do I do the solution they’re giving me, and is that fair?” These are questions you don’t need to worry about with managed IT.

And if it ends up being a long call, you not being personally tied up for that length of time is doubly valuable.

Your nephew has a life of his own outside of your IT needs. Can you count on calling on him or her at any point of the day? On weekends?

No one wants to be in a situation where crucial technology breaks down and no one who can fix it is available. How long can that technology stay down before it really impacts your business or damages relationships with your customers?

Simpler to let the pros handle it.

Our managed IT solutions are tiered to fit your business needs. We can ensure your PCs are maintained, updated, and that virus scans are run and dealt with, or we can manage all aspects of your systems. Either way, we think of ourselves as your technology partners.