Managed IT Solutions

Random glitches, viruses, and system crashes. They all spell downtime, which is something your business can’t afford. Utopia’s Edge alleviates this worry for Greensboro and Winston Salem companies with managed IT solutions that monitor workstations and allow for quick fixes.

24 hour monitoring allows us to be proactive about workstation needs. Some issues are minor and don’t present obvious symptoms during daily use, but if left unchecked can escalate into serious problems. Our software allows us to stay ahead of this, and if issues do arise we can often remotely resolve the problem.

Some of our IT solutions include:

  • Remote monitoring of critical services and system components
  • Remote maintenance (programs, updates, and patches)
  • Remote hotfixes and service control
  • Scheduled antivirus scans and quarantine
  • Email setup and support for business (Office 365, Google Apps, etc.)
  • Free setup for each workstation covered
  • Network maintenance (including printers, copiers, etc.)
  • Smartphone and tablet protection
  • PC and server recovery
  • Data recovery