PC Setup & Migration

PC maintenance is useful for active systems, but what about when you need to replace an old machine or add new systems to your business? Unlike a home computer where most of the needed software probably comes pre-installed, you probably have specialized apps for business. Not to mention making sure the system integrates properly with printers, fax machines, servers, and even other computers in the office.

These are the types of technology headaches are what we remove for you.

PC setup and data migration

Either as a one-off or as part of our ongoing service packages, we can help you with the entire process of adding new PCs to your operation. We can help you assess what specific needs your business has and select the systems and parts you’ll need to make it happen. Afterward we’ll get everything set up for you, including software you’ve used.

If you’re replacing an existing computer, we can back up your data beforehand and restore it to the new machine. Your programs and files will be right where you left them.

Our platinum package covers free setup for all covered computers. That means for any computers you’re monitoring today, we’ll handle the install and setup when you upgrade or replace them.

Tell us about your next project! Contact us today to find out more about our migration and setup services.