Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is an important security measure for any modern business in the Greensboro area.

Technology issues crop up without warning, and depending on your setup could bring your business to its knees. Anyone who’s been there before knows it’s way more stressful (and expensive) to try resolving the issue at that point.

At its most basic level remote monitoring services alleviate some of this “reactiveness”. Many times there are warning signs that are far more visible when systems are being monitored, and noting the signs can allow for a relatively quick preventative measure.

These types of monitoring programs involve no fixed contracts.

Consider this: Technology hiccups that create 6 lost minutes of productivity per hour, even for one employee, constitutes $1700 in wasted payroll costs annually. And that’s at minimum wage — the cost increases quickly after that.

When systems get bogged down, either due to malware or simply needing upgrades, they can create this productivity loss for the whole staff.

Opening an app like Outlook on a fairly modern system should be pretty good, for example. But many businesses have systems where doing things like this takes minutes, not seconds. Big deal, right?

But every one of these annoyances, ones that most people probably grit their teeth through, add up. Before you know it a significant amount of time has been lost every day.

Here’s a great example of how alleviating this issue made a huge difference.

In this case an employee had a slow machine. So slow in fact the employee reported having to take a bathroom break when she opened her email each morning because it took that long to respond. Attaching files and jumping between various resources dragged on at every step. She routinely reported having to stay late to finish things.

After a system reformat and the installation of a solid state drive she noticed such a profound difference in speed she couldn’t believe it. She even had days where the bulk of her work was complete at 2:30pm. Not only did she not have to stay late, but she had a decent part of the afternoon free to find other ways to be productive.

Gold and Platinum Remote Monitoring Support

Our Gold plan gives users unlimited remote support, covering everything from maintenance to virus scans and keeping software up to date. Many times minor issues can be resolved remotely without phone calls or in-person visits. This creates something of an invisible layer of protection for the business.

The Platinum plan is the ultimate peace of mind with unlimited support… period. Whether an issue can be handled remotely or requires a field tech, everything is included in making sure those covered workstations are at their best.

And if you’re adding new PCs to your office (and plan), we offer free setup on them. We’ll also interface with your technology partners like Time Warner on your behalf when needed, removing another source of stress.

Now that you understand the advantages of remote monitoring services, give us a call to learn more!