Wait! Before you upgrade your PC to Windows 10…

Microsoft recently released Windows 10 – the newest operating system in its lineup. You might be anxious to check out the new features and looks, but there are two important things to do first.

1. Make sure your data is backed up.

Though Microsoft assures customers that the Windows 10 upgrade is built to be seamless and error-free, it’s always a good idea to back up important files before any type of major upgrade. Users have experienced various issues while upgrading their OS in past versions of Windows, and you don’t want a weird bug during the install to be the reason you lost your crucial data.

With your essentials safely tucked away, you can begin the upgrade with confidence knowing that in the worst case you can reformat and install a fresh copy of Windows 10.

2. Check that your business applications (including cloud and SaaS apps) and hardware are compatible.

There’s nothing worse than upgrading the OS only to discover none of your applications work. This was a big issue years ago when Windows Vista first came out, and a lot of users struggled to use their printers, business software, etc.

That can cripple your operation at work and cause frustration at home. A brief bit of research – or a few questions to your IT partner – can alleviate this stress.

If you discover that not all your apps are compatible, you can either prepare alternatives or know to wait on the upgrade and avoid that headache. On the other hand, you may discover that you’ll be good to go and can upgrade with peace of mind.

Play it safe and secure! Let us help with your Windows 10 upgrade plans!